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The Vineeta Rastogi Foundation is organized to conduct public health, human rights, cultural exchange and development projects worldwide. 

The specific objectives of the Foundation are as follows:

  • Address public health issues within their social, cultural, economic and political contexts.

  • Link public health issues with income generating activities, thereby applying multi-sectoral approaches to health and development.

  • Foster community-based interventions and processes where community participation is ensured at all levels, including design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

  • Encourage inter-NGOs collaboration and cultural exchanges, through meetings, and workshops to share experiences, ideas, and information.

  • Protect and Promote Human Rights.

  • Assist health institutions and NGOs by providing: Consultancy Services, Management and Administrative Development, Needs Assessment, and Proposal and Grant Writing Skills.



Radia Daoussi President, Public Health
Brian Hennessey Vice-President, Human Rights, Information Technology
Rama Katragadda Director, Information Technology
Laci Barrow Vice-president, Human Rights
Hilda Adams Director, Advocacy
Heena Brahmbhatt HIV/AIDS Prevention
Jordan Dey International Government Relations
Haifa Madi Family and Community Health, and Maternal and Child Health
Nagila Guimaraes Communications and Media Advisor
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