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The Vineeta Rastogi Foundation collaborates with the National Association of Reproductive and Child Health of India to promote better health outcomes for mothers and their children.   The Foundation provided technical and administrative support to the 5th International Congress and XIIIth Indian Conference on Reproductive and Child Health Care, Nagpur, India on November 24-26, 2000.  The congress theme was “Educate and Implement Reproductive and Child Health Care for One or Two Child Family.”

One of the Foundation’s goals is to bring health and development to those who need it the most.  In this regard, the Foundation designed workshops to promote the delivery of high quality reproductive health in rural settings.

The Foundation actively encouraged the representation and participation of NGOs at the conference since they are at the forefront of healthcare delivery.  It was crucial to increase the attendance of NGO representatives at a medical/public health event in order to ensure that medical messages can be conveyed to the general population.  While touring South India overland, the Foundation promoted the congress, even to clinics and NGOs working in remote areas.

NARCHI has developed a calendar depicting 10 rules to reduce pregnancy-related death and complications and to ensure better health for the new born.  These simple rules are taught to pregnant women, who also receive the calendar to display in their house so their husbands and other family members can also be involved in the health of their spouse.  The Foundation distributes and promotes this calendar worldwide.

For more information about the National Association of Reproductive and Child Health of India, please contact:

Dr. C.S. Dawn, Dean and Secretary General.
Indian College of Maternal and Child Health
25 -B., C.I.T. Road,
Calcutta- 700014. West Bengal, India

Dr Manjula Rohatgi
President NARCHI Nagpur Branch
Nursing Home, 275 Civil lines
Nagpur - 440001. Maharastra, India
Email: shonali@satyam.net.in or rohatgim_ngp@sancharnet.in

Workshop Agenda: Reproductive and Child Health in Rural Settings

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