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Alma Ata Declaration, 1978


The international conference on primary health care services stressed the urgency of a coordinated action for the protection and the promotion of health, seen as a sine qua non condition for sustained economic and social progress.  The conference forcefully restated that health is a fundamental right and that access to the highest level of health is an extremely important social objective.



Ottawa Charter, 1986

            Health is perceived as a daily life resource as opposed to a mere goal.  Health promotion becomes an all-embracing concept, targeting a state of well being as opposed to the simple absence of disease.

            The international conference stressed that any improvement in the field of health was firmly anchored in the following basic elements: peace, shelter, food and income.  Needless to say, too many countries still fail to meet these basic requirements.

            Alone, the health sector couldnít create the preliminary conditions required for access to better health, which stresses the multidisciplinary aspect of public health.  Health promotion requires the coordinated action of governments, the health sector and connected economic and social sectors, voluntary agencies, local authorities, industry and the media.

            To promote community participation, people must be able to get involved in the decision-making process, and design and planning, which requires an unlimited and permanent access to health related information and financial resources.  This work must be achieved at school, home, work, and within the community framework.

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